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  • Wagon Wheel Game

    Posted on March 2nd, 2012 Patricia No comments

    What you’ll need:
    2 paper plates
    9 bottle caps
    8 beans (4 light, 4 dark)

    Two can play this strategy game constructed from simple household materials. Children must use their critical thinking skills with each move and in order to win.

    What to do:
    1. Cut a small section from the rim of one plate. Staple the two plates together, face to face.
    2. Glue the flat sides of the bottle caps onto the plate. Draw the connecting lines as shown.
    3. Place the beans in the bottle caps, arranged as shown.
    4. Punch two holes in the open section of plate rim. Thread string through the holes and tie to make a loop for hanging up the game.
    5. Store beans inside the plates when not in use.

    Rules of Play:
    Players choose a color and decide who will go first.

    A player must move to the empty bottle cap without jumping over any other bean. Players take turns moving. A player cannot move a bean to the center space unless that bean is next to a bean of another color.

    There can never be more than one bean in a bottle cap. The object of the game is to block the other player and prevent any moves.

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