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  • Treadmill Safety

    Posted on March 14th, 2012 Patricia No comments

    More people get their workouts on treadmills than on any other exercise machine. If you are one of them, make sure you are using the treadmill correctly by following these safety tips:

    • Before starting the treadmill, straddle the belt by standing on the platform. Never turn the belt on while you are standing on it.
    • Once the belt is on, be sure to look down and see how fast it’s going. It should be set at a slow speed. Then, holding on to the handrails, step on to the belt one foot at a time and begin walking slowly.
    • Allow your body to adjust to the new sense of balance that is required. Once you are acclimated and warmed up, increase the speed to the pace you will use for your workout.
    • Avoid placing objects that could fall off and get caught in the belt, such as towels and radios, on the handrails. A magazine rack with a cup holder that attaches to the treadmill’s control panel is a better place for storing items.
    • While exercising, look forward or hold onto the handrails if you need to glance to the side. Avoid looking behind you, which can easily throw you off balance.
    • Do not walk or run backward on the treadmill.
    • If you lose your balance, don’t try to stop the treadmill. Instead, hold onto the handrails and step off the belt.
    • Make gradual, not drastic, changes in speed.
    • When you finish your workout, reduce the speed gradually and continue walking until the treadmill comes to a complete stop.
    • Give your body time to regain its equilibrium on solid ground by continuing to walk around for awhile.

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