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  • 8 Steps to a Cleaner Facility, Part 2

    Posted on December 12th, 2011 Patricia No comments

    Make cleanup as easy as possible for your members. Posting signs is a simple way to do this. “Make sure everything is clearly marked so the members know exactly where you want them to put the dirty towels,” says Glassford.

    Make feedback easy. “Complaints are opportunities for you to improve,” says Glassford. Maintaining two-way communication between members and management about cleanliness is important. Suggestions enable you to better your facility while satisfying your customers. Put suggestion boxes in locker rooms and at the front desk, or set up a comment phone line. “We installed a button on our phone system so members can leave their comments about cleanliness in a voice mail box,” says Glassford. “We check it twice a day so we can address member problems immediately.” Read the rest of this entry »