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  • Hey, Healthboy!

    Posted on June 11th, 2009 Patricia No comments

    Take a look at yourself, tell me what you see
    I’m standing in the shadow of my former me
    That’s when I heard him calling from above
    He said tell me the foods that you love
    I love pizza, and burgers with extra cheese
    He told me that’s too many calories
    Hey, Healthboy
    ! – What should I do?
    Hey, Healthboy! – Tell me your views
    Hey, Healthboy! – Should I eat legumes?
    Hey. Healthboy!
    “What you need my son is a healthy plan to flush the toxins
    from your glands. Have an avocado”
    So, I went with him to the healthfood store
    I bought it all but I needed some more
    “We must flush the fats to gain control”
    As he shoved that lettuce down my digestive hole
    Well. the weeks went by and the pounds came down
    But I ate chocolate cake (while he wasn’t around)
    Hey, Healthboy! – What can I do
    Hey, Healthboy! – I’m so confused
    Hey, Healthboy! – I hate legumes!
    Hey. Healthboy
    “Yadda Yadda Yadda Yadda Yadda Yadda Yadda”
    Now I look at myself, I’ll tell you what I see
    I’m a whole lot thinner but a lot less free
    No sugar, no fats, no cholesterol
    I’ve gotta call the one whose eight feet tall
    Hey, Mr. Health – I hate this diet I’m on!
    Well this diet is not for everyone
    Hey, Healthboy! – I know what to do
    Hey, Healthboy! – I’m no longer confused
    Hey, Healthboy! – I don’t need your food
    Hey. Healthboy! – I’m not eating legumes!
    “Suck on some sassafras, you piece of oat.”

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  • Detox Patches Against Toxins

    Posted on May 29th, 2009 Patricia No comments

    Because consumers are more aware of environmental toxins, some amazing new products have become available today. This is a response to the greater awareness of environmentally caused illnesses and diseases. The buildup of toxins in our bodies as time passes can be carried through the circulatory system and become a major contributing factor in several diseases, mainly involving the liver.

    Detox Patches (or Sap Sheets) are a fascinating product that can significantly help to eliminate toxins from the body. The Detox Patches are made from vinegars extracted from Ubame Oak and Bamboo; these are natural products. The detox patches are applied to the soles of the feet, and are claimed to be effective in absorbing toxic substances and waste materials directly from one’s body. Additionally, this will considerably improve metabolism and blood circulation in the body.

    The Detox Patches were first developed by the Japanese. Japanese medicine places a great deal of emphasis on the importance of unimpeded circulation of the blood. In this system of medicine, disease is seen as an imbalance caused by the interaction of the human constitution and the environment.
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