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  • Not Just For The Rich & Famous

    Posted on May 27th, 2011 Patricia No comments

    I must admit that I always thought of personal trainers as a frivolous indulgence, to be enjoyed only by the rich and privileged. My curiosity, however, was piqued and I wrote a letter to you expressing an interest in looking into the possibility of a personal trainer for myself.

    It sounded like if anything, I might receive some direction in my never ending pursuit of a more healthy and active lifestyle.

    A reply came, well written and sincere from T’ai Erasmus (your personal trainer), extolling the virtues of meeting one’s personal challenges in fitness and health. If T’ai was anything like he sounded in his letter, I thought I may have discovered something important!

    And indeed I did, as I found out when I had enlisted his help this year in March.

    His dedication to his craft was evident, both in the pursuit of his own goals and in the expertise he provided to help me start to “reshape my destiny” (a T’ai quote).

    T’ai’s program is fun and interesting and not only encompasses weight, cardio and endurance training, but joint mobility and flexibility and nutritional guidance.

    I always look forward to my sessions with T’ai. He has become one of my favourite people!

    I encourage anyone who appreciates the importance and value of their health and well being to hire a personal trainer.

    I did, and in T’ai’s own words: Through commitment and effort and enjoyment I have achieved awesome results!

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