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  • Most Popular Sports Activities in 1999

    Posted on September 10th, 2012 Patricia No comments

    Exercise walking remains the most popular sports activity among 61 sports, fitness and recreational activities, according to a survey by the National Sports Goods Association (NSGA). The report was based a survey conducted by NSGA to evaluate the sports participation levels and demographics of 35,000 households.

    The number of participants who engaged in exercise walking increased 4.1 percent to 80.8 million participants in 1999, followed by swimming, in second place at 57.9 million participants.

    Among the top 10 most popular sports activities in 1999, outdoor activities, such as camping and fishing, showed the strongest growth. The number of camping participants increased 8 percent to 50.1 million, fishing rose 7 percent to 46.7 million participants and hiking was up 3 percent to 28.1 million participants. Camping followed exercise walking and swimming as the third most popular sports activity in 1999, followed by fishing, exercising with equipment, bicycle riding, bowling, billiards and pool, basketball and hiking (National Sporting Goods Association).

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