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  • Living With a Child Newly Diagnosed With Amblyopia

    Posted on March 13th, 2012 Patricia No comments

    Any sort of medical treatment will cause distress in a young child, particularly a treatment that interferes with the child’s sight. Before treatment, the child has compensated in various ways to be able to see with the better-seeing eye.

    During treatment, the child is temporarily placed in a world that may be very out of focus. It is a new experience, and while some children adapt very quickly to it, others do not.

    When eye patches are first prescribed, it is not uncommon for a child to go through an entire box of patches each day; he or she may keep ripping them off in frustration. Be patient, firm and consistent with the child to let him or her know that the treatment is not negotiable. If treatments cause your child to fuss, try to ignore it and get the child to do the things he or she would normally do.

    You must always remain aware of your child’s impaired vision during treatment to ensure his or her safety during certain activities, such as crossing the street.

    Children usually adapt to amblyopia therapy very quickly and, with consistent treatment, their vision usually improves swiftly. If your child is supposed to be wearing glasses, your doctor will likely recommend that your child continue to wear them during treatment.

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