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  • Growing Healthy Baby Food. Part 2

    Posted on May 31st, 2012 Patricia No comments

    I first started buying the mashed potatoes for my daughter because I wanted her to have some food that wasn’t sweet (she was getting stuck on sweet potatoes and peas). She loves the potatoes (and I have to admit they’re awfully tasty). Now she gobbles up all of the Growing Healthy offerings I put in front of her. She eats green beans without resistance, a vegetable that, prior to Growing Healthy, was immediately ejected from the high chair! I think that part of the reason she likes Growing Healthy is that the texture of this food is much more lifelike. The food is minimally processed, not mushed beyond recognition. Even I like them!

    Growing Healthy does cost more than jar food — a box of two servings costs 99 cents, compared to 45 cents for the same amount of food in a jar. But I also waste a lot less since my daughter doesn’t spit the stuff back at me and I only prepare one small dish at a time. The other down side to Growing Healthy that I’ve found is that it isn’t very convenient to tote around frozen baby food if you’re traveling, but convenience on the road is a small price to pay for a baby full of good nutritious food!

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