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  • Family! Part 1

    Posted on February 1st, 2012 Patricia No comments

    When everyone got to their new home, they put their hands together and gave the same family cheer as Chuay Gahn did on their first day. They then saw grapes and and apples and noodles and cheese and crackers and wine and much rejoicing was done through the lands.

    You know, it would really suck to be on a Reality TV show for people such as myself who can’t stand the taste of alcohol. Everything seems to be centered on wine or some other alcohol as the centerpoint for celebration. Big Brother, there always seems to be alcohol. The Mole serves only wine at dinner. Amazing Race – more wine. I’d be like, “Crap. Can I just get a Coke?”

    Brian continues his weekly politically-incorrect commentary moment, which I really like because it’s what so many people probably would’ve thought but wouldn’t have the balls to actually say, “Well, it’s great to welcome everyone into my kingdom. I love opening up my house – Mikasa estukasa (sp?). They’re in my house now. I already have the home court advantage.”

    They came up with the love-fest name for their new tribe, Chuay Jai. Everyone seemed very happy, except for Penny and Erin. They kind of stood on the outside, sort of like the beautiful people do when they’re forced to mingle with the lower life forms. They politely smiled but never made much of an effort to befriend everyone and be a part of their world.

    Initially I thought that, as Erin stated, they were watching, just getting a feel of everyone, “sizing up the situation.” But they could’ve done this AND mingled and had fun. I’ve seen this behavior so many times from the popular crowd – they’re just not comfortable truly associating with the dorks. Instead of being curious about everyone, instead of wanting to really learn about how they tick – their likes and dislikes, backgrounds and passions, they are more concerned with how others might perceive them should they open themselves up and just be dorks and have fun.

    Of course, I really don’t know Penny and Erin so I could be entirely wrong. But I DO know quite a few beautiful people, so I’m basing my thoughts on my experiences with them.

    And I know that some of you reading this have chosen not to associate with certain people for fear of what your friends might think. If so, then you’ve missed out on some fun and some growth experiences. If not, then that’s cool; you’re probably a dork.

    Remember what the late genius Frank Zappa once said, “I have a message for all the beautiful people in this world: There are a whole lot more of us ugly bastards!”

    So, Penny and Erin are wishing they could fit in with the dorks and Shii Ann is just happy happy happy. It’s like she’s become a whole other person.

    Or, instead, it’s like she WAS an entirely different person and now she is able to be her happy self once again (which is quite clear from her audition tape, which is hilarious).

    Ken notices this as well, “Shii Ann is smiling again. She took a lot of abuse at the other camp – at the hands of Robb, at the hands of Penny. I mean, flat out abuse. And now Penny’s like, you know, trying to figure out what’s going on, trying to figure out Shii Ann’s angle, which is… well that’s Penny. What’re you gonna do?”

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