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  • Do we need to get a life? Part 1

    Posted on June 20th, 2011 Patricia No comments

    This issue of htc revolves around the topics ‘Portability in Computing’ and ‘Wireless Communication.’

    Talk about explosive new areas of technology! Marry the applications of the Internet, e-biz and e-commerce to wireless, portable devices, and we’ve got plenty of new applications that can be deployed. Health care workers who can instantly call up patient records. Delivery personnel who can access an Internet based e-commerce system to update the status of an order through a simple pen-tablet device.
    We’ve also got the foundation for some fabulous new business applications.

    And we’re going to see lots of amazing new technology with this revolution – anyone with a ‘connected’ palm organizer knows the joy that connectivity can bring. And certainly the technology is going to be lots of fun. I’ve recently had the pleasure of using one of the new Internet-enabled cell phones to read e-mail as my plane taxied to its gate, surfed the Web while in the back of a cab, and shown my neighbour how we might purchase stocks while sitting by his pool.

    The opportunities seem limitless for the new wireless world. In what is likely to be one of the most popular wireless applications, a Toronto-based company has just announced a service that will let you book a tee-off time for golf through a Web phone.

    Lots and lots of things we can do. Isn’t technology great?

    Yet the more I use my wireless Internet phone, the more I start to wonder about what I’m doing to myself – and what all of us are doing to everyone else.

    Driving to the bakery with my kids on a recent Saturday morning, I found myself checking my e-mail box. At that point, I wanted to scream out, ‘get a life!’ What the hell am I doing reading e-mail on a Saturday morning while I’m with the kids. Haven’t things gone a little too far? Do we really need such connectivity? Are we building a world that is increasingly causing a blur between private time and work time?

    Don’t take me for a technology luddite – I love this stuff. In my home, I’ve got 14 PCs, 10,000 MP3 songs (legally acquired) on a Linux server, a full-fledged Ethernet with three hubs – I’m a technology nut. I can check e-mail in any room in my house, hit a Web site, or other feats of techno-wizardry.

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