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  • Detox Patches Against Toxins

    Posted on May 29th, 2009 Patricia No comments

    Because consumers are more aware of environmental toxins, some amazing new products have become available today. This is a response to the greater awareness of environmentally caused illnesses and diseases. The buildup of toxins in our bodies as time passes can be carried through the circulatory system and become a major contributing factor in several diseases, mainly involving the liver.

    Detox Patches (or Sap Sheets) are a fascinating product that can significantly help to eliminate toxins from the body. The Detox Patches are made from vinegars extracted from Ubame Oak and Bamboo; these are natural products. The detox patches are applied to the soles of the feet, and are claimed to be effective in absorbing toxic substances and waste materials directly from one’s body. Additionally, this will considerably improve metabolism and blood circulation in the body.

    The Detox Patches were first developed by the Japanese. Japanese medicine places a great deal of emphasis on the importance of unimpeded circulation of the blood. In this system of medicine, disease is seen as an imbalance caused by the interaction of the human constitution and the environment.

    The soles contain the greatest number of capillaries in the body, and so are believed to be a second heart. Detox Patches are applied directly to the soles of the feet because the reactors connected to internal organs are there. Once removed, the dark gooey marks are ample evidence of toxins for the user. With regular use, consumers will see a real difference: toxin marks become less visible, indicating that most toxic wastes have already been absorbed out of the body. Users are instructed to attach the pads to both soles for 5 consecutive nights for the most thorough detoxification process.

    Over the years, people have grown increasingly aware of issues involving their own health. The wide availability of alternative remedy kits encourages people to be more active in maintaining their health and wellness. Our awareness of the seriousness of diseases and serious illnesses has made us all aware of the importance of self-care. In our society, alternative and conventional medicine have finally reached a compromise to provide people with options for healthy lifestyle choices.

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