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  • Celebrities, Heroes and Role Models?

    Posted on July 4th, 2012 Patricia No comments

    There’s always more that we can learn about ourselves and our businesses, and one way we learn is by observing what others do. At the turn of the millennium we are blessed (or is it cursed?) with communication technologies that give us glimpses of different kinds of people in many different circumstances. What we do with what we see makes all the difference.

    Consider just three categories of people we encounter: celebrities, heroes and role models.

    Celebrities are people who think they can’t get away from the public (when in fact it’s often we who can’t get away from them). Some of them are famous just for being famous, yet their publicists (or who knows who?) coax them to tell us their secrets of beauty, health or fitness with the implied promise that using their methods or products can lead to our also being famous for being famous. There’s not much I want to learn from most celebrities, but I would like to ask a few of them: How did you choose your parents?

    Heroes are people we admire for their courage and daring in doing the right thing in the face of danger. They say, “Aw, shucks, anybody would have done the same thing I did, faced with the same situation.” We learn a little more about ourselves by asking: Would I, really? Maybe we renew our CPR and lifesaving certifications and stay ready, even though we may never be called upon to actually show our heroic stuff.

    Role models are people whose behavior in certain situations is imitated by others. As kids, we had big needs for role models and hopefully found them close by in the family. As things got more complicated in academic and business life, there was (if we were fortunate) a key professor or mentor that, more than knowledge, gave us a sense of how we wanted to “be” when faced by the challenges of the life we would choose. There are some who say that ball players or even presidents should be role models, to which I would say: Naw, they’re celebrities. Beware of celebrities!

    In this issue, Fitness Management brings you 21 success stories that you can learn from. The people making these stories are not celebrities (although they’re having their 15 minutes of fame);

    they are not heroes (as far as we know); they are not holding themselves up as role models (although they might be worthy of that). They are people like you, with responsibility in a health/fitness services enterprise, who found fresh, innovative ways to meet challenges that face just about any fitness facility.

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