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  • A Gift Shop with just about Everything in Store

    Posted on November 2nd, 2011 Patricia No comments

    HEN there’s not much in the kitty but you’d still quite like to give a porcelain cat or kittens a good home, it might pay you to shop at Brown’s of Sherbourne. They’re a gift shop in Cheap Street!

    From mugs to mirrors, barometers to umbrellas, candles to candle-sticks, pens to papers, flowers to rose bowls, old currency to money boxes, decanters to glasses, plates to table mats and from knives to cut glass, novelties to book ends.

    Owls & pussy cats to horse & hounds and from boats to china, travelling rugs to walking and shooting sticks, from playing cards to occasional tables.

    From time on your hands to clocks, jewellery to treasure, new lamps and lampshades, from old to 1 hour film processing to pictures or photoframes….
    suffice to say: “Enough for THE PRESENT.”

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