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  • Herbal Medicine: Clary Sage

    Posted on May 11th, 2010 Patricia No comments

    Salvia sclarea , better known as clary sage, doesn’t usually get the press that other, more familiar members of the Salvia family does, but it’s an herb worthy of attention with a variety of merits.

    Used extensively since well before the birth of Christ, clary is an herb whose name is from the Latin word clarus or clear. Other popular names include Clear Eye or Bright Eyes, because the seeds have been used for clearing the sight. Looking through a book for an herbal remedy for eye irritation, you’ll read that for ages, people have been putting clary seeds into their eyes for vision problems. You might wonder how putting a seed into your eye can remove the debris from your eye? Because a decoction of the seeds is mucilaginous, it was thought that foreign matter would stick to it when used in an eyewash. Although this is an old, traditional use of clary, some herbalists still recommend using a clary eyewash. If you’d like to try it sometime, soak six or seven seeds in boiled water until they swell and become mucilaginous. Using a cotton swab, carefully place one seed in the corner of the eye. When the seed is removed, it’s said the foreign material will be too. Read the rest of this entry »